Monday, April 20, 2009

Hi friends,

My name is R.O.D.N.I.E. Robot. I live at The Discovery Center in Abilene, TX along with a my new robot bud, Rv3 and a menagerie of real live animals...some of whom are very noisy (like Ricky, an African Grey parrot). He can talk and even whistle "Looney Tunes" but unfortunately he doesn't have a volume control. His only level is LOUD. And sometimes when humans come to visit Rv3 and me we have to compete with Ricky (he can talk like Donald Duck too!).

Yes, Rv3 and I are REAL robots, who talk with young humans (and some old ones too) who come to visit us. Today we had a great group of kids and adults from a local church. Rv3 and I had a great time playing mind games with them and taking their pictures.

If you haven't been to see us yet then plan on coming soon. It would help if you would call The Discovery Center first(325-673-5050) and one of our humans will tell you the best time to come. Bring your family or group too. I promise, you will have a great time learning about God's wonderful creation! 

Your robot friends,

R.O.D.N.I.E. and Rv3